Saralee Marshall was born into a family of fashion and design. Her father was the owner and designer of an internationally known children’s clothing company. Her mother was a painter and sculptress. Her mother-in-law was an award-winning embroiderer.

She was the founder, merchandiser and visual designer of Marshmallow Inc. These innovative concept stores, specialized in upscale home furnishings and accessories.

Saralee studied at Rhode Island School of Design, Beaver College, and the NE School of Photography. Her mixed media talents have led her to study individually with several accomplished artists in various fields.

Her motivation comes from anywhere and everywhere: a walk through the woods, a fabric, a color, a person, an experience. Her work is organic, moving from one medium to the next, often combining techniques and eclectic materials.

Her fascination with experimenting, problem solving, and searching for unexpected treasures continue to fuel her artistic journey.

"I have been encouraged and inspired by many talented people to whom I am forever grateful.”